Villa Tinto Antwerp, Belgium “House of pleasure”

Villa Tinto “Europe's most high-tech bordello”


Villa Tinto Antwerp, Belgium is a World's Best Red Light Districts. The pristine-looking district , a three-block “tolerance zone” established by the government in 2000 is one of the safest and cleanest Red light districts in the world. Similar to Amsterdam's De Wallen, expect to window shop, as young scantily clad women in Antwerp also peddle their wares behind storefront glass.

With the construction of Villa Tinto, Antwerp has taken a lead in the field of 'how to deal with prostitution

The city's best brothel, Villa Tinto, has been dubbed “Europe's most high-tech bordello” and boasts 61 suites, safes to store cash, a biometric scanner to identify workers, an onsite police station, a panic button under the beds for the women's safety, and a control room to oversee the operation.

It is a whorehouse, yes, but ... The women can practice their profession here without the intervention of pimps or traffickers and there is even a doctor's office and police station in the passage to the atrium.

Regardless of the moral implications of the profession, the clients or the life around it. I think it is wonderful that instead of denying or ignoring a problem, people have chosen the best possible and most correct way to make this reality happen.

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Don't be jealous, it's my beard! You call it facial hair, I call it awesomeness escaping through my face. If u don't like my beard.....then leave me baby. A man without beard is like lion without mane.


The Event


The event has been going strong since 1995, and is held in a different location around the world each two years. For 2019 the World Beard and Moustache Championships were in Antwerp in Belgium hosted by the local beard and moustache club ‘The Snorrenclub’ - Antwerpen “

The next competition will be held in Auckland in New Zealand in 2021.


There are sixteen traditional categories of judgement in The World Beard and Moustache Championships, arranged in three groups

  • Moustaches

  • Partial Beards

  • Full Beards.


The Venue


Flanders Meeting & Convention Center

Antwerp - Belgium

The 2019 World Beard and Moustache Championships wrapped in Antwerp, Belgium on May 19 , the venue took place at the brand new Flanders meeting and convention center attracting competitors with some of the most eye-catching facial hair from around the world.


Photo Studio on location

Canon - Profoto - Eizo - Manfrotto

We build a complete professional photo studio and shoot tethered from the camera to the big 31” Eizo screen , so the participants could see the image directly on the large screen. Thanks to our sponsors Canon , Profoto, Eizo and Manfrotto we have been able to bring this job to a successful result.


The Shoot

The challenge of the photo shoot was to take more than two hundred portraits in one day. the difficulty of the shoot is that the location is not optimal with regard to the light conditions, since there is a full glass dome in the roof. The sun was the big problem this day, it caused a disturbing helo in the background. with changing light conditions it was therefore a constant adjustment of the camera and light settings, but by using Profoto high speed sync technology in combination with our Canon material, we have been able to ensure the best possible result

Building a story

I like to think about the story first and then try and visualize how to tell that story. My approach is to take time, developing strong bonds with the people and creatures whose stories I’m telling.

"You need to take care of the aesthetic things with clothes and lighting, and to have a creative direction and styling. I love the creative part. it's like a timeless moment, creating inside your mind, and it's beautiful."

A creative portrait must have some deeper meaning behind it, it's personal to the subject or ironic to the viewer



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The Photos

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