Tutorial on Filmmaking with Canon EOS.

Introducing the first half of a tutorial series on filmmaking with Canon EOS. LESSON 1 : Why shoot video? LESSON 2 : How to craft a story LESSON 3 : The importance of frame rate and resolution LESSON 4 : How to expose for video LESSON 5 : Camera Movement and stabilisation 

Tutorial series II on filmmaking with Canon EOS. LESSON 6 : The use of sound and music LESSON 7 : Choosing lenses LESSON 8 : Staying in focus LESSON 9 : Editing video LESSON 10 : 

Camera Basics " What is " ?

Camera Basics " What is " ?

Through animation, I explain the notion of ISO. ISO is one of the three pillars of photography and can be one of the hardest to fully understand. I tried to make that task a little easier, and hopefully teach aspiring photographers a crucial concept that can directly impact their photos.

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